Malaysian Online Betting

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Malaysian Online Betting

Online betting in Malaysia? The law surrounding online gambling in Malaysia is quite a tough subject to navigate. The country is actually a multi-cultural country with different people from various corners of the world. Besides, it also contains a large population of people from outside the country, particularly, China and Indians. So it is not surprising that online gambling is prohibited in Malaysia as it is in many other countries.

Many people in Malaysia are against online gambling websites because of this. However, this law has been broken frequently by several gambling websites based in Malaysia. It has now become harder to restrict these sites. On the other hand, several Malaysian national may not be happy with this law. For example, the former Attorney General Siti Kumar said that the law is very problematic for Malaysians because it makes them feel like they are being punished for something they are not doing.

A more conservative approach to online gambling would probably be a good solution. A trial for online gambling by local law should be allowed. The two main political parties have agreed on this issue and it is now an option for the next Kuala Lumpur government. However, it will be interesting to see how much support this issue gets from the next government.

There have been several instances of online gambling by Malaysians. A number of Malaysians from the rural areas of Sarawak have also indulged in this activity. Most of the time, the authorities do not interfere with these activities. It is considered a private activity within the confines of a home. As long as the law is not broken, then nobody should mind. The problem comes in when the authorities start to go after operators of gaming websites that receive government licenses.

It is the same story with online casinos. In principle, you can enjoy a lot of benefits by playing online games. You can play for free; you can win prizes and bonuses; you can even transfer money from one account to another. All these features make online betting in Malaysia all the more popular. It is not only a favorite pastime for Malaysians but also a preferred hobby for tourists and foreigners from across the globe. Even though the law surrounding online gambling is lax in Malaysia, there are several operators who run illegally operated online betting portals.

Recently, the government announced that it will block all online gambling applications from being operated within Malaysia. This is being done to protect consumers from online gambling websites which are based outside the country. Online gaming is not allowed in Malaysia under any circumstances. Most countries also have similar laws regarding online gambling but the Malaysian authorities have taken a different stand. They have formulated a new anti-gambling resolution which prohibits online betting in Malaysia.

The problem lies in the fact that online betting has become so popular that several websites have mushroomed over the internet. With such a huge number of websites, it becomes difficult to monitor them all. Besides government regulation, online betting has also become highly complicated. A typical online betting game includes a number of steps, involving numerous things. Any mistake on the part of the player can result in heavy financial losses. Many cases of online betting fraud have also been reported in the past few years.

Despite the prevalence of online betting in Malaysia, the law does not prohibit the residents from engaging in online gambling. This is the main reason why a lot of Malaysian women prefer to engage in online betting over other forms of entertainment. They do this because they do not have the influence of men in the society, unlike their western counterparts.